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Here we collected the most frequently asked question from our users and prepared answeres to them. We aim to update the page quite often. So, if you didn't find the answer to your question, make sure to come check this page later. Or, you can ask you question directly in our support chat via Facebook messaeger widget on the main page.

  • Our open-source VPN server is absolutely free to use.
  • If your DockOvpn server is running, but you can't download config, then most-likely you have Firewall settings that preven you from downloading client config via port DockOvpn uses for serving configs. To fix that, try to disable Firewall, for istance, on Ubuntu you can run:

    ufw disable

    If by some reason disabling Firewall isn't an option for you, you can try to use different config port.
  • You can change default ports DockOvpn serer uses. To do so, use following snippet:

    DOCKOVPN_CONFIG_PORT=<custom config port>
    DOCKOVPN_TUNNEL_PORT=<custom vpn port>
    docker run -it --rm --cap-add=NET_ADMIN \
    -p $DOCKOVPN_TUNNEL_PORT:1194/udp \
    -p $DOCKOVPN_CONFIG_PORT:8080/tcp \
    -e HOST_ADDR=$(curl -s \
    --name dockovpn alekslitvinenk/openvpn

    Make sure to replace <custom config port> and <custom vpn port> with real port numbers you need.
  • In case you need to create a new client config config, you can use snippet below:

    docker exec dockovpn ./ z 

    The code above will generate a new client configuration, package it into a zip archive and serve it via a one-shot web-server.
  • To revoke client config you need to know client Id of the config you want to revoke. You can find it in the config itself:
    Client configuration file with client Id
    Pic 1. Client configuration file with client Id
    Once client Id is know, you can run the following command:

    docker exec dockovpn ./ <client id>

    Make sure to replace <client id> with real client Id you intend to revoke.
  • By default DockOvpn binds to eth0 network interface, but you can overide this behaviour by supplying NET_ADAPTER environment variable to container. Se snippet below:

    docker run -it --rm --cap-add=NET_ADMIN \
    -p 1194:1194/udp -p 80:8080/tcp \
    -e HOST_ADDR=$(curl -s \
    -e NET_ADAPTER=<network interface> \
    --name dockovpn alekslitvinenk/openvpn

    Make sure to replace <network interface> with real network interface you intend to use.
  • At the moment we support only OpenVPN protocol. We plan to add support to Wireguard and IKEv2 soon as well.
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